This is an overview of the existing grid middleware plugins and their sources:

  • Job Submission Plugins (supported as part of ETF) - js-plugins package, supports HT-Condor (multiple backends: ARC, CREAM, HTCondorCE) direct ARC, CREAM, WMS
  • Storage plugins (based on lcg_utils) - part of experiments packages, supported by ATLAS, CMS, LHCb
  • Storage plugins (based on GFAL2) - supports multiple backends (SRM, XRoot, HTTP), supported by ATLAS
  • Worker node plugins - glexec, MJF, experiment specific tests, supported by ATLAS, CMS, LHCb
  • HTTP/Webdav plugin (based on curl) - supported by HTTP TF, nagios-plugins-webdav package, for details see HTTP TF documentation
  • myproxy, voms - support by EGI-ARGO, proxy renewal from myproxy (in UMD3)
  • x509 certs management plugins - support by EGI-ARGO, checks if certificate is valid (in UMD3)
  • Cloud/OCCI - developed for EGI-FedCloud
  • BDII - developed by BDII PT, packaged in UMD3
  • perfSONAR - developed by Network and Transfer Metrics WG,more details at perfSONAR documentation at OSG

centOS6 packages for the grid middleware plugins can be found either in UMD3, EPEL or in ETF repos (detailed list of metrics/packages TBA).

In addition, there are many other nagios plugins available, e.g.